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feels like anxiety but i feel hot as well. halp.

Aww I wish I could meet someone like that! :)

you will :)

How long have you known your girlfriend? :)

only a month or so. but we fell for each other when we first met, it was crazy! :3

-silentdreamers: Bleeding Knees Club - Boy In Lust


Bleeding Knees Club - Boy In Lust

I really can't be bothered haha, It's too cold to go out!

haha aw fair enough! it really is lately my god! :(

How's things going with your girlfriend, do you catch up and do couple stuff? How old is she?

things are good! :) yeah we do! see movies and annoy people in shopping centers by getting in there...

Aww :( I have no plans at all...

aw poo! you should make some :)


What have you got planned for the long weekend?

i'm working tomorrow and monday :( i have no plans for sunday. what about you? (:

So i'm friends with this guy and we've hung out a couple times and we have heaps in common, and I'm basically the girl version of him and he's someone I see myself dating but I don't want to date him, is that wierd? Like I don't even know why, I think he's perfect arrgh I don't even know, he likes some other girl anyway but still.

just because you have a lot in common doesn't mean you have to be anything more, it's...



danewsea: Singular



Hey, I was just wandering If you had a crush on someone since year 9 and now your in year 12. & they have liked you back for a while,( but mainly on and off over the years, & has had GF'S in between) what do you think we are because me and him have done "stuff" & told me he was making me happy, & then a week later is going out with someone else But still flirts with me at school? His Gf who is a year older and left school last year. I don't know what to do or what to say to him anymore? :'(

he is a cock. you should move off from him even if it hurts. you don't deserve all that mind...

greaterland: Amber Schoniwitz


Amber Schoniwitz

themelodicmelon: Float On//Modest Mouse


Float On//Modest Mouse

v-u-l-t-u-r-e: land of the waterfalls by Zanthia


land of the waterfalls by Zanthia


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