♥ Drinking Her Own Liquid Love Pt. 3 ♥

Okay, by special request from a fan of the blog, here's a 3rd installment of that fetish I love so much... Self Pissing or Auto-Erotic Pissing.
If it wasn't for my very first pee lover, I may never have found this such a complete turn-on but she would love nothing more than when I'd go crazy satisfying her with my tongue 
(giving lots of T.ender L.icking C.are to her butthole) while she completely showered herself.
The one agreement she would always stick to though, was that she'd kiss me long and deep, every time she filled her mouth! Ahhhh..... memories!

This has got to be one of the hottest self-pee videos I've seen in a long time... you just know how genuinely this beauty loves being drenched in her own piss.
She is beyond incredible!!!


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