♥ Drinking Her Own Liquid Love (Pt.4) Self Pissing and Squirting ♥

We begin with this incredible beauty, with absolutely awesome tits, enjoying a nice slow ride with her glass dildo....
But it doesn't take too long for this ride to get extremely wet!
Then there is just no stopping the deliciously long stream... no drinking in this one, but oh how she loves her piss play!

This is just plain animalistic fucking hot!!
They fuck like crazy, tearing her blouse to shreds in the process...
And she wraps it up by pissing straight into her own mouth!
What can I say?! Just fucking beautiful!!!


The squirting and drinking in this one definitely got the best out of me!!
You will need a towel!!
This doll loves the taste of her own cum... and loves sharing it too!

Another beauty that put me over the edge!!
She takes her time, giving herself lots of naughty, TLC...
But the geyser that finally erupts from her delicious lips, soaks her body and her face and floods her mouth!

There are two quick scenes here and all I can say is that before I die, I want a girl who can squirt like this!!
You would not see a drop of that delicious love make it to the floor... 
My God can these girls squirt!!
Especially the second!
(PS I'm forever astounded by the fact that everything is shown in some Asian porn, but they always obscure the sweetest parts of the body!)

This is how it all began for me.. I'm so happy I found this!
My very first pee lover used to absolutely love doing exactly what you see here!
The only slight difference is we would also be doing a lot of kissing and sharing...
Ahhhh memories!


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