♥ WetLuv - Some XXXtremely Bizarre and Tasty Piss Play ♥

Now, this first video 
(from Pee and Cum pornographer extraordinaire John Thompson)
has quite a collection of piss passionate beauties!
Well over an hour of intense piss and cum play.
In true John Thompson style, this vid has more wetness than any girl(s) would ever be expected to take on (or in)... 
but they definitely do... and damn, how I'd love to be in caught in the crossfire and sharing with her!!   

And for all the other thirsty guys out there, 
here's a sweet round of drinks for you!


...And where would our Wet World be without the queen of Lesbian Piss Play; Pandora and all of her beautifully pee drenched friends.
Here's a fairly recent Glimpse video - 
~ Piss 'N' Mix 10 ~
Over and hour of some of the most beautiful pissing, drinking, swapping and showering anywhere on the web!


Finally, let's wrap this up with 17 minutes of pretty bizarre, solo piss play from the sizzling hot, Serbian porn star -  Cherry Kiss
just basking in the feeling and taste of her own delicious Golden Nectar!

Cheers everyone and have a wet, wild weekend!


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