♥ For the Love of Feet and Pee ♥

Well for many, it seems that feet and pee go together as cozily as soup and sandwich!
"Putting your foot in your mouth" can take on a whole new meaning when that foot is covered and dripping with someone's (or your own) sweet, warm pee.
Having a stream of golden nectar splashing down on them as your tongue licks up and down the sole and between the toes can be, for all involved, the ultimate delight!

It can also be highly erotic to massage your own feet while they're being showered in Gold

That is one luscious nipple!!!

A closer look at those two gorgeous girls in action!

Of course, if you're just the right combination of hot, horny and very flexible, you can always enjoy the sensual pleasure of gently licking and sucking your own piss from your own feet...
Just like this horny girl!

Beautiful Sophie and May... a lot of foot love and a sweet bit of pee!

I've posted this before, but I can't think of a better way to wrap up this post, than spending an hour with the beautiful, pee loving twin sisters, Katja and Anja... ravishing each others bodies and loving the taste of each others pee!


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