♥ Moving On To Wetter, More Golden Pastures ♥

Okay it's been way too long since things got crazy wet around here!
So grab your partner (or yourself) and something to soak up all the puddles because my weather report says we are in for xxxtremely heavy Golden Showers this weekend!
Welcome to my wettest dreams!!

So I think the guys deserve a turn here first!
There's a lot of beautiful women getting soaked throughout this blog, but these first few are for us guys that love nothing more than the taste of a gushing, dripping wet pussy.
There is absolutely no sensation like having your mouth and body flooded by all of a woman's juices!

But I just can't lose that fantasy of having a woman ride my tongue while she's getting completely piss drenched by girls and guys!
There's never enough!!

Now, how about entering a total fantasy land...
These are obviously artificial but if you're a lover of piss play, how could you not want to find yourself in the middle of this dream!

But when you want things to get completely cum filled, piss soaked and downright nasty and over the top, there aren't many girls that can do it quite like Annette Schwarz!
Damn, how I'd love to party with her for a night!!

And since I've always loved a "Happy Ending"


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