♥ More TGurl Piss Play and Other Tasty Delights ♥

Well I think this fascination of sharing some mouth-watering piss play with one the the extra special, extra lovely Gurls of this world has gone from fetish to mission!
I AM going to enjoy this incredibly sweet, but rare delight in this lifetime!
And hopefully bring you all the juicy details soon!!
There's a very lovely possibility living very close by!
It's not the easiest fetish to find fresh, tasty material for online, but hopefully this latest collection will quench the thirst of all my fellow fans out there... 
Like this beautiful compilation, for starters! 

Wouldn't mind having this lovely lady, mixing my drinks tonight!

 Cheers, you lucky boy!

Okay, as much as I hate the fact that so much Japanese porn pixelates all the tasty parts 
(which I never understood, since they leave what's going on, very clear) 
this beauty was too sweet to pass up!
Damn, how I would Love to have her in my mouth through this whole video!!

Was that hot enough? Ready for another drink?
How about some champagne from this spiked and leathered hottie?
You can find the rest of her album HERE

Could there be a more beautiful girl to get soaking wet with, than Delia TS DeLions?
Just the thought makes me weak in the knees!

Another mouthful I'd love, while she's getting showered!

Beautiful Asian TGurl Cindy, from Bob's TGirls
Having a wet little moment

Some lucky cameraman caught this Asian beauty pissing everywhere!

And as we near the end of this post, how about a creamy, delicious, happy ending from beautiful Delia TS
Until next time, stay Wet and Warm!
The End


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