♥ Gold Mine - Another Tumblr Piss List Update ♥

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Just in case you ever wondered how different, or alone, you might be in your love of piss play...

Well it has only been around 6 months since my last update, but once again I was cumming across a lot of new pages with gallons of piss play... 
I knew there were a bunch of them but much to my surprise, I wound up with over 120 new ones!!

Almost 500 Piss Blogs... and counting!!

Still feeling alone?!

Hey, 500 Tumblrs can't be wrong!!

These are blogs that lean mostly in the direction of of pee content, but not all of them are exclusive. 
They're only listed in the order they showed up.
If I tried to list in order of favorites I'd be here forever!!

There are SO many other Tumblr blogs that I follow and love, but I‘ve tried to keep this list narrowed down to sites where it will be very easy to find at least a few mouthfuls of Liquid Love without looking too far… instead of just a few pics here and there.

Just doing my best to keep the Golden List…. well… GOLDEN




(Great Page!)

(Awesome GIFs)

(Almost all self shots)

(Check out her "Likes")

(Including large collection of Erotic Hentai Omorashi )


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